Angry Crowd Confronts Amash Over ACA: Showing up works!

still0117_00000_1484711247786_7710502_ver1-0Things didn’t go so well for U.S. Rep. Justin Amash when he showed up for a recent town hall meeting in Detroit. According to MLive:

“Do you or do you not support the immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act with or without a replacement?” one attendee asked.

When Amash answered, saying he expects the burden of replacing the federal law upon repeal to fall to individual state governments, the crowd erupted with dissent.

The congressman calmed the crowd, saying his support for federal repeal would be contingent on states first providing plans for replacement.

“You can have a repeal that is triggered by state replacement,” he said. “In other words, you pass legislation to repeal. As states replace the legislation, then the repeal is triggered in that state. That is what I’m talking about.”

His conversation with constituents broke down several times as individuals interrupted Amash to contest his statements.

A reference by the congressman to “Obamacare” derailed the event for several minutes while members of the audience insisted he use “Affordable Care Act” to reference the¬†2010 law.

Showing up works. It’s the best weapon we have to fight back against attacks on our health care, our civil rights and the values we hold dear. When we take the time to show up and speak out, they are forced to listen.

Will you show up at your elected official’s next town hall or coffee hour meeting?

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