Gov. Rick Snyder (R)

rsnyderContact: P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 / (517) 373-3400 / Constituent relations (517) 335-7858 / (unclear if this is a working email; the governor apparently does not want to be emailed) /

Notes: With a business background, Gov. Snyder came into office pledging to “run Michigan like a business,” and calls citizens “customers.” He is known for his data-driven approach to gathering information and assessing progress, sometimes losing sight of the people that those numbers represent. This may have factored in his administration’s delay on taking quick action once complaints of bad water in Flint came to light. Gov. Snyder also has favored the appointment of emergency managers to struggling cities and school districts, granting them sweeping powers that allow them to strip elected city councils and school boards of their power and to shred labor contracts. Under the oversight of Gov. Snyder’s hand-picked emergency managers, Flint families have suffered the worst humanitarian crisis in our state’s history, yet Gov. Snyder has dodged responsibility for creating the tragedy.

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