Sen. Rick Jones (R) – Senate District 24

rjonesClinton (entire), Eaton (entire) and Shiawassee (entire) counties, and in Ingham County, the city of Williamston and Leroy, Locke, Wheatfield and Williamstown townships

Contact: 201 Townsend St. #4200, Lansing, MI 4933 / PO Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909 / (517) 373-3447 / / http://www.senatorrickjoines.comw

Notes: Former sheriff of Eaton County. Something of a loose cannon. For instance, called a prominent Lansing public relations executive a “hooker.” Also, authored a law updating Michigan’s sodomy law to strengthen anti-animal cruelty statutes, but did not at the same time update the law to remove same-sex sexual relations from the law. (The U.S. Supreme Court previously struck down laws against same-sex sexual relations, but the law remained on Michigan books). He also attempted to weaken an anti-bullying law by adding language that created a religious excuse to bully.

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