U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop (R) – 8th Congressional District

mbishopIngham (entire) and Livingston (entire) counties, and in Oakland County, the cities or villages of Fenton, Rochester, Rochester Hills and Clarkston, and Addison, Brandon, Groveland, Holly, Independence, Oakland, Orion, Oxford, Rose and Springfield townships



On repealing the Affordable Care Act: “America needs to develop common-sense health care reforms that not only respect families and the patient-doctor relationship, but also consider any and all opportunities to lower skyrocketing health care costs altogether.

“As a member of the private sector, I saw firsthand how companies tried to grow and create more jobs – but they simply couldn’t due to the strangling grip of Obamacare. Small businesses have been forced into plans that cover less, with higher co-pays, higher deductibles and higher premiums. The current system is hurting our families and small businesses, and will continue to do so unless changes are made.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House to create a system that works for more Americans than the failures we’ve seen from Obamacare. We must put an end to the broken promises and ensure Americans have access to the high-quality, affordable health care they’re after.”

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