A Movement, Not a Moment

An estimated 10,000 people showed up at the Women’s March on Lansing, which is far more than had been expected. So many people showed up that police were forced to shut down Capitol Avenue when the crowd overgrew the Capitol lawn, crowded the sidewalk and spilled into the street. The mood was joyous, even if we were all worried for the future. People were registered to vote, and signed up to volunteer for Planned Parenthood and get updates on future actions. I didn’t see a hint of violence or even a counter-protester all day (I’m not counting the drunk street preacher, he was just sad).

OK, it was great! But now what?

Marches like these are fantastic for energizing crowds, boosting morale and sending the message that our numbers are great (note how Donnie Littlehands is losing his shit over the comparative sizes of his inauguration yesterday and the marches today). But marches alone will never bring the results we need.

Were you at a march today? Or if you weren’t, were your spirits lifted by what you saw reported? GOOD. But don’t let it stop there. If it stops there, the movement dies. Commit to calling and visiting your elected representatives. Show up at their events. Raise a little hell there and make sure they know you are holding them accountable.


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