They’re Showing Up – We Must, Too

Friendly reminder: The tea party isn’t over. Our representatives are still hearing from the remnants of the tea party, and they want an end to affordable health care, restrictions on women’s reproductive choices and other odious things. img_3044

As Congress pushes forward with repealing the Affordable Care Act, Michiganders are giving conflicting advice to members of the state delegation.

This week, as the nation prepared to inaugurate a new president, Republican lawmakers too time to meet with people in town hall sessions.

Republican John Moolenaar met with constituents in Stanton this week, as part of listening tour of his mid-Michigan congressional district.

The small crowd spent most of its time urging repeal of Obamacare and fretting over what will happen if the health care law is repealed without a replacement ready.

Our job is to make sure that from each right-wing constituent they hear from, they need to hear at least two of us.

Are you in Moolenaar’s district? (Clinton and Shiawassee counties in mid-Michigan)? If so, pick up the phone and call him.

Read the whole story: Michigan congressman getting mixed messages on repealing Affordable Care Act

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