Walberg Taken to Task for Looney (lack of) ACA Plan

edff5db6-1fa0-4da1-a43c-d96df6f4b8d6One more example of regular folks holding their elected representatives to account. I’m pretty sure the smug Republicans in Congress didn’t expect a tidal wave of support for the ACA after listening to their own echo chamber for years.
But here we are.

To make a point about the GOP’s failure to communicate a comprehensive replacement plan to voters, Mike Morast of Tecumseh told Walberg he had a car he could give him, although he doesn’t know where it is and Walberg can’t see it before signing for it.

“What you’re asking us to do with the ACA is to eliminate that before we even know what you have,” Morast said. “I’d like to see what we have before we eliminate it.”

Damn skippy, Mike.

Is Walberg your representative (Eaton, Jackson counties in mid-Michigan)? You know what to do. Pick up the phone and make sure he sees you when he’s in town.

Full story: ACA’s fate dominates Tim Walberg’s Tecumseh town hall

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