Mike Bishop Staking His Career on Robbing People of Their Health Care

Behold Mike Bishop, Congressman, Michigan’s 8th District. What a piece of work you are.

It’s one thing to be a congressman strongly against the ACA and to push as hard as you can for its repeal. It’s quite another thing to be such a coward that you refuse to look your constituents in the face while you do it.b9325830907z-1_20170123120026_000_glfh4u80t-2-0

And that’s exactly what is happening.

In today’s Livingston Daily, Mike Bishop authored an op-ed to lay out his reasons for taking health care away from sick children, parents who need regular health care to hold down productive jobs and people who work hard at jobs that provide no coverage:

Small businesses continue cutting hours and letting workers go to make room for the ever-expanding law, which is preventing our economy from growing to its fullest potential. Eight in 10 Americans now favor changing Obamacare significantly or replacing it altogether.

Both of these are lies. Small businesses are not hurting because of the ACA. And most Americans do not want the ACA killed without a viable replacement.

It is unacceptable for the greatest nation in the world to settle for health care that does not work for everyone. That’s why Congress has an obligation to act. When a law has unintended consequences, it must be addressed. In this case, the legislative process does not allow us to alter the entirety of Obamacare as it stands; it must be repealed and replaced.

This is a riot. Pleas to American exceptionalism are always a diversion from the fact that other countries can, and are, handling their health care far better than we are. In Germany, for instance, an old woman who has a stroke and needs rehabilitative care, and then needs cancer and end-of-life care, will get it without going bankrupt. She won’t lose her home. She won’t lose her savings. She won’t lose her belongings. I know this because I called her grandma. (Oma, if you want to be technical about it.)

Is the Affordable Care Act perfect? No. I doubt anyone would say it is. Is it better than what existed before? Ask the child with asthma who can now get inhalers regularly. As the middle-age adult who develops bone cancer and can get the radiation and chemotherapy she needed to overcome the disease without having to file for bankruptcy. Ask the woman who can get regular cancer check-ups for the first time in her life, or the man who needs insulin to stay alive.

Know what’s not better than the ACA? Nothing. And by that, I mean the “nothing” that people like Bishop have promised us in return for killing the ACA. You’ll see him talk platitudes about better plans and workable solutions, but details? He has none. They don’t exist.

It all comes back to doing something for those who have been forced into a worse situation by our government – including our own neighbors. They are the reason we have kept at the effort to repeal and replace. What good is health care if a family can’t afford to use it?

Good question. And you know, it’s not a hard one to answer. Just ask the people who never were able to see a doctor before the ACA came about.

And the coup de grace:

Last year was about determining which direction our country should go. The American people have spoken, and we must promptly answer their calls for action. I look forward to hearing from our community and working together to make that happen.

No, that’s a lie. That’s the last thing in the world he wants. How do I know? Ask the members of the Facebook group “Mike Bishop’s Constituents” (highly recommended – go join if you’re in the 8th District).

On the group, one member reported that “I contacted Bishop’s office this morning to ask when he was next going to be in Lansing for a town hall meeting. None are scheduled, Dominick told me, but he’d be happy to tell me when he would be in office hours.
After several minutes on hold, he told me: None are scheduled anytime soon. He has no plans to visit Lansing. I understand that Bishop may not want to visit Lansing; but if we’re going to be gerrymandered into his district, I hope that he can be encouraged to come speak with us in person.”

Others have posted similar responses. He doesn’t like town halls. He prefers to hold telephone conference calls. He won’t be in the district and able to meet until April.

None of this is acceptable. His office should be flooded with calls from people demanding a public, face-to-face meeting in our district. That is, after all, his job. It’s his job to listen to us. And if he’s unable to do that, he should be fired.

Call him: (810) 227-8600 and (202) 225-4872

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