Notes from the Field: Visit to Sen. Peters’ Office

20170124_115826The groundswell of energy on the left is already leading to concrete actions. On Tuesday, more than 100 people converged on Sen. Gary Peters’ Rochester office to talk with staffers about the Affordable Care Act, the cabinet nominees and other matters. It sounds to have been a great success, ending with the staffers urging the crowd to keep up their efforts.

I urge you to read the whole story on Daily Kos, but here’s an excerpt.

After that, Regional Director Kevin Hrit addressed the crowd.  He thanked us all for coming out and standing in the rain; that he heard us; and he would make sure the senator heard us.  He then went on to say to KEEP IT UP!  He said their phones were ringing off the hook, and they welcomed that.  He made sure each of us got his and James Jackson’s business cards, which include the office number as well as their cell phone numbers.  He encouraged us to make appointments and come as individuals or smaller groups (the office is small and can’t accommodate a group of 100+).  After he concluded his remarks, he asked that we all gather as close as possible so he could take a picture to send to Senator Peters.

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