U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop’s Constituents in Full Rebellion

U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI8) isn’t willing to meet face-to-face with his constituents, and his constituents aren’t having it.

Several citizens in Michigan’s 8th District, energized by the women’s marches and the recent installation of Trump, have picked up their phones and called Bishop’s office, or put on their shoes and gone to his office. Many want to talk about his plans to kill the Affordable Care Act, a move that will leave hundreds of thousands of Michiganders without access to health care. Others want to make their thoughts known on Trump’s many disastrous cabinet picks and fascist policies.

According to one Facebook commentator, Bishop was recently on a radio show whining that people were “coming out of nowhere” to tell him to keep his hands off the ACA. Apparently, he considers his own district to be “nowhere.”

Many are demanding that he hold a town hall to talk with constituents:

One said that the ACA is a “matter of life and death,” and that he needs to speak with the people if you he wants to speak for the people. Another asked, “When do you listen to me and my neighbors. When are you going to stand up for us?” Another commented, “I’m having a hard time understanding how you can move forward with a vote ‘for your people’ when you won’t SEE your people.” Others relayed their experiences trying to call Bishop’s office to request a town hall, only to be told that Bishop doesn’t believe in them, and would rather hold a phone-in event only. That raised the ire of many. One pointed out a basic truth: “YOU DON’T GET RE-ELECTED BY IGNORING YOUR CONSTITUENTS.”bishoptweet

It’s getting under his skin. Today, he blocked one of his constituents on Twitter for having the nerve to say that it was good that as a representative and not a senator, he has no say over cabinet appointees. “I’m glad you don’t have a vote” was all she said.

It was a bridge too far, apparently. You stay classy, Mike Bishop.

Meanwhile, the rest of us might want to fire up a few letters to local media to let them know that Rep. Bishop is afraid to meet with his own constituents. For tips on how to do that, look here.






  1. Rep Bishop is running scared of his constituents. I believe he and his colleagues think we will go away. We have just begun to hold him accountable to representing ALL of us.


  2. When we showed up in his Brighton office, to speak with his staff, they spoke with us standing at their front counter. They said that we couldn’t go back into the office because they were having a meeting. So, rather than sitting down and discussing our concerns, we stood at their front counter, like we were customers at an auto repair shop rather than citizens and welcome constituents with real issues to discuss.


  3. It says in the article that several citizens in Michigan’s 3rd District picked up their phones to call him. Would he be inclined to answer calls from people who are not his constituents? MI-08 appreciates the backup, I’m sure, but is this wise? I have heard that we should absolutely not contact reps who are not our own.


  4. Mike Bishop, you just lost my vote. The votes of my friends and colleagues, the votes of my family. This is taxation without representation, and it is unconstitutional. You should lose your seat if you can’t take the heat.


  5. I just found out I was blocked from @MikeBishopMi after questioning his response to the Muslim ban.

    My classy, classy representative.


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