Facts on the ACA, Courtesy a Letter-to-the Editor Writer

A recent letter to the editor in the Adrian Daily Telegram lays out some pretty astute facts on the Affordable Care Act. In it, the letter writer takes U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (MI-7) to task for some “alternate facts” he used at a recent town hall for seniors in Tecumseh:

We have the most expensive system in the world with worse outcomes. No other industrialized country has a for-profit system. They all have nationalized systems. Congressman Walberg’s plans will be a literal death panel for current seniors who cannot afford rising healthcare costs and will be at the mercy of becoming a burden to their children.

No one voted to cut grandma’s Social Security and Medicare. Call Congressman Walberg at 517-780-9075

Well said! I encourage you to take a look at the letter for some talking points you can use as you call your elected officials.

But hey, as our governor would say, shout-out to Rep. Walberg for at least being brave enough to meet with his constituents. I’m lookin’ at you, Rep. Bishop.

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