Sen. Rick Jones Perpetuates Terrorist Immigrant Canard

Count state Sen. Rick Jones (R-24) as one of those on board with Trump’s wackaloon views on the link between immigration and terrorism. In an interview with WLNS, he said:

“I don’t want illegal immigrants taking American jobs and I don’t want them bringing in terrorism,” says Sen. Jones. “So we gotta be very careful that we allow people in but that we keep track them. Some of them are looking to harm our children.”

But facts, those ever-pesky things, say otherwise:

“Empirically, domestic terrorism is carried out by citizens—not immigrants—with right-wing terrorism, racial hate crimes, and the sovereign-citizen movement making up a majority of domestic terrorist incidents,” Joel Day, assistant professor of security and global studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, told PolitiFact. “Other domestic incidents have indeed been carried out by those who came here through legal channels.’”

It’s a damned shame that people trying to flee some of the worst humanitarian crises in the world are going to be held back by prejudices like Sen. Jones’.



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