State Rep. Tom Barrett Loves a Wall

The great American poet Robert Frost once wrote, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” That something is not state Rep. Tom Barrett (R-71). He loves walls. Like, really loves them. Even when they are going to cost billions of dollars in infrastructure costs.

He really, REALLY loves walls when they’re on the Mexican border. As he told WILX-TV,

“We’re a nation of laws and that means there’s a way to legally enter our country,” states Rep. Tom Barrett (R)-Potterville, “and as Americans we get to decide who we welcome and who we don’t. And I don’t think we should cede that right to any foreign entity or any person that decides to come here through illegal channels.”

That’s nice and all, but anyone who has spent serious time studying the matter knows that walls don’t really work. Don’t believe me? Ask the Chinese who tried to keep the Mongols out. Ask the Romans about their wall to keep out the Picts. Ask a Berliner.

But aside from that, come on, Tom. Spending $12-$15 billion on a wall we know will do bupkis? I though you guys were the party of fiscal responsibility and what not (hah!)

If you really want to spend a good penny on infrastructure, there are a lot of roads right here in Michigan that could use that cash. Heck, I even heard tell of a city around here that needs some new pipes. But no, you voted for the embarrassment of our roads plan that is causing people to pay more in fuel taxes and registration fees right now, but wont really begin to address our crumbling roads and bridges for another four years.

Charity begins at home, Tom. America first, amirite?

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