ACTION – Protest at Bishop’s Office Monday

If you can make it on Monday, a group of people will be headed to the Brighton office of U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI8) to protest in favor of saving the Affordable Care Act, and to call attention that the Congressman refuses to meet with his own constituents face-to-face.

Meanwhile, several other district residents have contacted WHMI to say they have been stymied in their attempts to communicate with Bishop or his staff about their concerns over repealing the ACA, claiming to have been denied entry into the office. Others say they have been blocked from his personal Twitter account after expressing their opinions. His spokesperson, Kelli Ford, responded by saying, “The Congressman welcomes the opportunity to hear from all constituents – on every issue. In order to deliver the best possible health care solution to our families and communities, he encourages input from all angles of the issue.” She also said that no one has ever been blocked from his official account.

If he truly “welcomed the opportunity” and had the guts, Bishop would show up at his own office Monday. But if he won’t, others will.

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