U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop Can’t Bring Himself to Condemn Muslim Ban

Milquetoast Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) just can’t bring himself to call Trump’s Muslim ban unconstitutional, evil or even wrong. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s certainly spoken (or written) quite a few words now. But they’re wormy, squirmy words. Words that slither around the obvious truth: that efforts at banning a religion from our nation is contrary to our Constitution, contrary to decency and contrary to basic norms of right and wrong.

Unable for whatever reason to issue a formal statement, he chose, again, to make his views known on Twitter.


I’ve seen some false equivalencies in my day, but this is among the worst. I’m not sure here what’s more objectionable – the fact that he’s talking about balancing religious and civil liberties the day after taking part in the annual pro-life march (HEY, here’s a thought, why not try balancing your religious and civil liberties there?), or that he can’t even manage to say that what is now happening is, at very least, troubling. He just “understands your concern.” Thanks, buddy.

But wait. After not being able to muster any kind of objection to the Muslim ban, he followed up Sunday night with this gem:


Whoa, pal! What do you mean “OUR” concerns? You had no concerns at all yesterday. You just “understood” why some people might.

What a weasel. Keep the heat on him until he pops.

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