Amash Comes Out Swinging Against Immigrant Ban

Credit where it’s due: U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI3) has been tireless in his repudiation of Trump’s ban on immigrants, refugees, green card holders and even U.S. citizens who have been caught up in his new illegal order.

Taking to Twitter, Amash as fired off several pointed arguments against Trump and the ban, including this nine-part explanation:

1/ Like Pres. Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Pres. Trump’s executive order overreaches and undermines our constitutional system.

2/ It’s not lawful to ban immigrants on basis of nationality. If the president wants to change immigration law, he must work with Congress.

3/ The president’s denial of entry to lawful permanent residents of the United States (green card holders) is particularly troubling.

4/ Green card holders live in the United States as our neighbors and serve in our Armed Forces. They deserve better.

5/ We must do much more to properly vet refugees, but a blanket ban represents an extreme approach not consistent with our nation’s values.

6/ While EO allows admittance of immigrants, nonimmigrants, and refugees “on a case-by-case basis,” arbitrariness would violate Rule of Law.

7/ EO appears to be more about politics than safety. If concern is radicalism/terrorism, then what about Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and others?

8/ Finally, we can’t effectively fight homegrown Islamic radicalism by perpetuating “us vs. them” mindset that terrorists use to recruit.

9/ We must ensure U.S. remains dedicated to Constitution, Rule of Law, and liberty. Capitalism creates prosperity and improves assimilation.

While it’s certainly possible to pick apart his statements and find parts of disagreement, it can’t be denied that Amash sees Trump’s executive order for exactly what it is: an unconstitutionally racist order that cannot stand.

On Sunday, he followed up on Facebook:


Again, it’s definitely possible to disagree with Amash for a myriad of reasons. But at least he is on the right side on this critically important issue.

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