Indivisible: Take Action Now to Stop Unlawful Immigrant EO

The Indivisible group held an emergency phone call tonight to explain the Muslim ban, court injunctions against it, the status of the EO at this point and, perhaps most importantly, what we as citizens can do about it.

I wasn’t able to give it my full and … pardon … indivisible attention, but I did take some notes.


  • Airport protests have been meaningful, so please keep them going.
  • While injunctions were intended to at least pause the excutive order, attorneys who want to advocate for the people caught up in detention have been having trouble accessing them. They can’t act as a detainee’s attorney until that detainee names them their counsel, but the attorneys can’t get to where detainees are being held so that the detainee can designate them. A catch-22.
  • In the middle of the call, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was been fired for refusing to legally support the executive order.
  • Indivisible reiterated the need to empower local activists and local groups by influencing their two senators and one representative in Washington. “The agenda does not depend on Donald trump, but on your members of congress rubber stamping that agenda,” and “Every single member of congress wakes up every morning thinking how am I going to get re-elected.”
  • Focusing our energy on our own personal senators and representative remains the most effective action we can take. Specifically, Indivisible is asking people to make two requests of their senators:

1. Ask your senator to “withhold consent.” This is a procedural maneuver that will delay Senate confirmation hearings. It only takes one Senator to withhold consent for this to work.

2. On any other legislation, ask your Senator to filibuster anything that does not dismantle the executive order. Nominees can’t be filibustered, but any other legislation can. In essence, we’re asking them to grind the Senate to a halt until this executive order is killed.

There was a lot more explanation, and questions asked and answered, and if you’re interested, I urge you to give it a listen. The organizers said that it would be up on by sometime Tuesday, Jan. 31.

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