ACA Defenders Protest Outside Walberg’s Office

U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI7) is among the Congressmen catching heat for wanting to kill the Affordable Care Act. On Tuesday, Jan. 31, about 40 protesters gathered outside Walberg’s Jackson office to make their views known.

According to MLive:

Walberg’s communications director, Dan Kotman, released a statement regarding Tuesday’s protests.

“(Walberg) and his staff welcome the opportunity to hear from constituents of the 7th District,” Kotman said in an email. “We have heard from people with a range of experiences with Obamacare, but unfortunately for too many families, health care costs continue to skyrocket and choices continue to dwindle.”

Rubin and other protesters went into the office, hoping to bring people outside to listen. Walberg was in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, but other representatives did not come outside.

Not the way to show your constituents you’re listening to them, Representative.

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