Michigan AG Schuette Sides With Trump Against Constitution

Ever one to be on the wrong side of history, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has finally come out in favor of Trump’s unlawful executive order banning Muslims from seven countries from entering the U.S.

In comments on Twitter and to the media today, Schuette said “President Trump’s Executive Order is not a ban on Muslims, and he is placing the security of Americans first.”


That’s a stumper, because I could have sworn that all the countries involved are Muslim-majority nations, and that he has done nothing to block immigrants from other places where terrorism has occurred. Such as France. Such as Israel. Such as Germany. And that places that had been home to ACTUAL TERRORISTS that attacked the U.S. are not involved. Like Saudi Arabia. Like Egypt. Like Russia/Kyrgyzstan, where the Tsarnaev brothers were from.

But OK, for argument’s sake, let’s take him at his word that this is not a Muslim ban. This, he says, is about putting Americans first.

Great. Then why is it that American families are being torn apart by this? Why did we detain a man who, for six years, bravely interpreted for our soldiers in Iraq? Why are we holding grandmas on insulin and old men who can’t walk in detention? Why did we keep a 5-year-old child away from his family. Because America first? Does that sit well with you?

Don’t you dare do this in my name. And don’t you support it in my name, Schuette.

Bill Schuette likes to call himself “Schuette on duty.” You know, because he’s always on duty for you, or some such crap. But he isn’t. His job is to be on duty for the Muslim families in our state, including the many in Dearborn, and to protect them from unlawful presidential proclamations. He’s supposed to protect the international students at Michigan State and the University of Michigan and our other colleges and universities. He’s supposed to be on the side of the people – and that means ALL of us. Not just the ones of us who are the “right” ones.

The silver lining in all this? It’s quite likely that Schuette-on-doody is undermining his own gubernatorial bid with this. Time will tell.


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