Sen. Jones On Board with Ditching Tampon Tax

Gotta hand it to Michigan Sen. Rick Jones: he’s an unpredictable one.

While often walking in lock step with Republicans, sometimes he’ll make a surprising move. Like this week, when he said he was down with a Democratic effort to remove the tax from tampons and pads. Michigan’s 6 percent sales tax applies to tampons, while other medical items such as over-the-counter drugs are exempt. Tampons and pads are taxed because they’re classified as “luxury items.”

No joke.

Sen. Jones said getting rid of the tax makes sense to him, and he’s ready to join his Democratic colleagues in the effort eliminate the tax.

In a Detroit News story, Sen. Jones said, “I walked over to (Sen. Rebekah Warren’s office) and co-sponsored the bills. It seems like good common sense,” he said. “I think many people don’t consider it medically necessary — they consider it a luxury item. I think that is totally ridiculous.”

Well alright. Welcome aboard, Sen. Jones.

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