Snyder and Schuette Don’t Get Along So Well, Pt. 2

Shout out to Jack Lessenberry (if you ever had to suffer through a Gov. Rick Snyder speech, you’ll get it), who described Snyder’s recent State of the State address and outlined the tragicomedy that is the Snyder/Bill Schuette dynamic to hilarious effect in a recent column:

Possibly the most fascinating moment of the dead evening was when Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette warmly greeted Snyder just before the speech started.

The men actually hate each other.

What’s more, Schuette intends to do everything he can to launch himself into the governorship by further destroying Snyder and prosecuting members of his administration.

You might think they would in fact be friends. They are both white bread, middle-aged Republicans. But Schuette, who has lusted after the governorship for years, has repeatedly gone out of his way to embarrass and humiliate Snyder.

If you’d like to understand the nuances of Michigan gubernatorial politics heading into 2018, this is a useful column to read.


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