Sen. Stabenow Acknowledges High Volume of Calls, Tells Constits to Keep Trying

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) has sent out a mass email to constituents. In it, she acknowledges that activists have been making her phone ring off the hook:

A Message from Debbie

Thanks so much for reaching out to share your views with me over the past few weeks. We check our voicemail constantly, but if it’s full when you call, please feel free to email me using this form on my website. Emailing me is also an effective a way to let me know your thoughts and feelings. It’s my honor to be your voice in the nation’s capital every day!

The rest of the email gives updates on legislation, but no new office hours or town halls are announced.

Read the rest below the cut:



In Detroit, Senator Stabenow Announces Bring Jobs Home Act of 2017

Senator Stabenow announced legislation to encourage businesses to bring jobs to America and discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas. Stabenow unveiled her legislation, the Bring Jobs Home Act of 2017, at GalaxE.Solutions in downtown Detroit. By cutting taxes and closing a tax loophole, Stabenow’s Bring Jobs Home Act of 2017 will grow the economy and bring jobs home to Michigan. Senator Stabenow first introduced this legislation in 2012. “We need to be exporting our products, not our jobs,” said Senator Stabenow. “It’s outrageous to ask hard-working Americans and communities to foot the bill for companies that move jobs overseas.”
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Senator Stabenow Joins Group Demanding Administration Exempt VA from Hiring Freeze

Senator Stabenow joined a group of 53 members of Congress to demand President Trump exempt the entire VA and all veterans seeking federal jobs from his executive order that freezes federal hiring. “A hiring freeze at VA will delay veterans’ access to health care and resolution of their disability claims, which for many of our nation’s heroes provides a sole source of income to them and their families,” wrote Stabenow and her colleagues. “Our nation’s veterans should not be made to sacrifice any more than they already have while you review federal hiring,” they added.
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Senator Stabenow Applauds Grant for Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Senator Stabenow applauded a $50,000 grant to the Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The grant was awarded by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation for the “Get Into Your Sanctuary” campaign, which supports sustainable tourism and encourages public engagement and stewardship of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. “Thunder Bay attracts families and divers across the state and throughout the world to discover and explore our rich maritime heritage,” said Senator Stabenow, Co-Chair of the Senate Great Lakes Task Force. “Congratulations to the Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary for this initiative that will attract even more visitors to the Great Lakes.”
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