PRESS RELEASE: Where is Congressman Mike Bishop? Bishop Unwilling to Listen to His Constituents by Refusing to Stand Up for the People He Represents.


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Feb 7, 2017

WHAT:  Protest against the ACA Repeal, the Muslim Ban and building the wall.

WHERE: Congressman Mike Bishop’s Office- 711 E. Grand River, Suite A, Brighton, MI 48116

WHEN: Monday, February 13th, 4PM
BRIGHTON—Constituents of Rep. Mike Bishop (R-Brighton) will protest outside his local office for the second time this month to oppose his continued refusal to respond to concerns about his support for several pieces of the dangerous Trump agenda, including a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the executive order banning Muslim immigration from seven nations.

The protest will take place at 4 p.m. on Feb. 13 at Bishop’s Brighton office, 711 E. Grand River, Suite A.

Organizers say the protest is the only way to reach Bishop, who has ignored thousands of constituent calls, emails and letters. Last week, he attempted to appease constituents with a weak, meaningless phone conference in which he answered every question by directing people to his website.

As long as Bishop continues to hide from his constituents, they will continue to find him and make their voices heard.

“Bishop is hiding from his constituents behind telephones and scripted responses,” said an organizer. “The fact that he is unwilling to meet face-to-face with his constituents to hear their concerns and talk about the issues that matter to them most is insulting and deeply undemocratic. Bishop is supposed to be the voice of his district. He’s not doing his job.”

This protest is one of hundreds being held across the country at the offices of elected officials by concerned voters who are not going to stand silently against the Trump administration and its dangerous policies.

“We want to make our message very clear,” the organizer said. “We’re going to fight and stand up for our rights every step of the way, including voting Bishop out of office in 2018. We’re not going anywhere.”

For additional details please visit the protests Facebook event page:


(note: Organizer’s name withheld for privacy pending approval)

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