Bishop is Proud of His Letter to the Editor

Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) is really proud that he wrote an opinion piece for Fox News (fake news!) online, and he rushed to tell his constituents about it early Friday morning.

It’s … not great. It starts with glorifying our former Gov. John Engler and goes on to blame the losses of two recessions between 2000 and 2010 on former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, while ignoring global political forces that brought U.S. automakers to their knees, but whatever. We’re used to that from Republicans, who now take credit for Michigan’s growing economy without ever acknowledging that former President Barack Obama stepped in to save the domestic auto industry.


Bishop continues to cling to cliches throughout the tired piece. Like this one: If we only cut taxes on businesses, working families will thrive someday. It’s the same, discredited trickle-down voodoo economics that Republicans have been peddling since 1980.

Bishop says he wants to know what you think of his piece, so you be sure to give it a read and do just that.

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