U.S. Rep. Amash Faces Hostile Crowd of 600 in Grand Rapids

It takes guts to face your adversary. It takes even more to face 600 of them in an auditorium. But that’s what Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI3) did Thursday night in Grand Rapids.

Now, I’m not saying that Amash is someone I find much common ground with — though he has come out vociferously against the Muslim ban, the wall and Trump’s Twitter tantrums. But he also wants to get rid of the Department of Education, cut holes in the social safety net and kill the Affordable Care Act.

And that’s where he butted heads with many in attendance Thursday night — along with his steadfast support of new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (who happens to be one of his most dependable big-dollar donors).

From the chorus of “boos” unfurled when Amash said he supports repealing the Affordable Care Act to the cheers when a resident asked the congressman to demand President Donald Trump’s tax return, there was no question the Republican faced a group with opposing political viewpoints.

While many in the crowd came independently to express their viewpoints and ask questions on issues close to their heart, others were part of a more organized effort to oppose the new presidential administration.

Christine Lewis, director of Michigan People’s Campaign in West Michigan, explained that bringing the fight to individual members of Congress at town halls like Thursday’s is one strategy of the resistance movement formed in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election.

So hats off to Amash for having the guts to face a largely angry and energized crowd. But even more hats off to Christine Lewis and others who worked to turn out the crowd, and the people themselves for showing up.

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