They Can’t Believe We’re Serious

I’ve written a few times now about how progressive activists have Republican lawmakers on the run. We’re showing up at their town halls (if they’re brave enough to have them) and protesting outside their offices like never before. We’re jamming up their phone lines and holding postcard-writing parties to make sure they can hear us.

Well, they heard us. They just can’t believe their ears.

Rather than taking us seriously, Republican legislators are convinced that we’re being paid off by left-leaning billionaire George Soros, who is the Republicans’ idea of a boogey man. Anyone else out there still waiting for their paycheck? Perhaps it’s not surprising that the party that exists only to represent the interests of the 1 percent can’t imagine that we act out of passion and conviction without being paid a dime.

Some, like Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), are blaming the protests on a group called “Indivisible,” which was started in December by a handful of former Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill.

“What I’m worried about is that the mainstream press can’t Google ‘Indivisible’ and the Soros-funded movement that is pushing all of this,” Brat told The Hill. “Indivisible’s game plan is to create chaos and humiliate public officials. The mainstream press can’t seem to do investigative journalism at all.”

That’s OK. Let them be comfortable with their denial. Let them write us off as simply wanting to create chaos, when what we’re working for is fundamental change. Let them stay asleep and unaware of our growing strength. In fact, it’s better for us that way. It’s good that they underestimate us. It’s good that they won’t see us coming. And we are coming for them.


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