Rep. Bishop Too Busy Averting Christian Genocide to Meet with Constituents

So we finally have an answer as to why Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) can’t meet with his constituents at a town hall. He’s just too busy. Too busy trying to thwart the Christian genocide.

Now, before you say “what Christian genocide,” the claim isn’t without some merit. Religious minorities across the Middle East face persecution. That includes Christians in many places where they are the minority. It is true that the overall Christian population in the region is declining sharply. And in many cases, that is because they are fleeing persecution or war.

But it’s not as though Christians are alone in this. The Yazedi in Iraq, under the rule of ISIS, faced mass slaughters and systemic rape. Families of all backgrounds in Syria are literally running for their lives. And Afghanistan remains in disarray after more than 15 years of American presence.

But Mike Bishop isn’t worried about all of those people. Nope. Bishop only wants to help the Christians and Yazedi, and struggling Muslims be damned. His House Resolution 565 is named “Save the Christians from Genocide Act,” and it has the backing of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.). It would expedite refugee visa processing for Christians and Yazedi, while keeping Muslims seeking refuge under the Muslim ban.

“The bill would declare these two minority groups as targets of genocide in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, and Libya,” said a spokesperson for Rep. Bishop. “ISIS has risen to power and is engaged in genocide against those they deem unworthy – including Christians and Yazidis. It would also create an expedited processing of immigrant and refugee visas for these individuals.”

Know what else it would do? Violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment by giving preference to some religions over others. For all the crowing Republicans have been doing about the Constitution in recent years, they don’t seem to understand it at all.


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