Special Valentines for Rep. Amash

On Valentine’s Day, citizens in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District sent U.S. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI3) a special gift.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — An eight-foot-tall Valentine’s Day card crinkled in the breeze as demonstrators held it up against a glass enclosure at Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Like any good valentine, the card included a poem:

Republicans are Red
Democrats are Blue
Resist the Trump agenda
We’re counting on you!

Several feet away, two women in dinosaur costumes danced amid a cluster of protest signs alongside Ottawa Avenue, earning honks from passing motorists. The dinosaurs led a chant of, “A … CA … Don’t let it go extinct.”

Other demonstrators carried signs with slogans like “Love trumps hate” and “Love others, Save ACA.” Many included hearts and other Valentine’s Day imagery.


This is the kind of creative thinking that we’ll need more of in coming months. As weeks go on, along with protests against politicians who won’t listen to their constituents’ demands, the novelty of what we’re doing will wear off. Media outlets will grow tired of covering demonstration after demonstration.

An 8-foot-tall card and people in dinosaur costumes, though? That’s a bit harder to ignore.

Creativity is brewing in other parts of the state, too. Also on Valentine’s Day, 30 protesters in Jackson dropped off 20,000 candy hearts bearing slogans such as “call me” at Congressman Tim Walberg’s (R-MI7) office.

Recently, activists in Rep. Mike Bishop’s district announced they would hold a town hall in April and invite Bishop to it. If he fails to show, they’ll take their comments and complaints to a life-sized cardboard cutout of him.

Humor is a great tool. Not only does it keep activists energized, it gives reporters more of a reason to show up as well.


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