Watch Counter-Protesters Assault Demonstrators Outside Rep. Bishop’s Office

Yesterday, I wrote about two scuffles that occurred outside Congressman Mike Bishop’s (R-MI8) office in Brighton. Event organizer Derek Stephens contacted #Lansing Resist to say the following:

I was the organizer of the protest today (Monday) at Mike Bishop’s office in Brighton where we had about 80 people protest from 4-6pm.

At about 430pm a man began to barrell way through the crowd shoving people and almost knocking a few women to the group. About five minutes later a woman proceeds to very attack the protesters including knock the phone out of the hand of someone who was videoing the protest and the incident.

Here is a video of the incidents, which is around the 5:42 minute mark. The police were called and reports were filed from those assaulted.

It’s not yet clear if the people who shoved their way through the protest and knocked the phone out of someone’s hand will face any legal action.

UPDATE: The media has reported on the alleged assault.

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