Rep. Moolenaar Pleas for Civility

I’ll give Congressman John Moolenaar (R-MI4) this: He’s at least making an effort to have a dialogue with constituents.

Unlike Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI8) who has ditched calls for a town hall, and only offered two understaffed office hours and two tele-town halls that were rife with technical glitches, Moolenaar has scheduled dozens of mobile office hours and is reaching out to constituents through a recent op-ed.

In it, he says he understands that passions are running high, and encourages constituents to keep talking to him. But he also says that some of the communication has been less than civil.

Right now, public debate is over-heated on many issues, with health care being the most prominent. I have already received online comments and calls to my office wishing for harm to come to me and my family. These comments have no place in public discourse.

As our country debates health care it is important that we all look at the issue honestly, without personal attacks that impugn the integrity and character of our fellow citizens.

And I can respect that, even if I disagree with everything he’s working on in Congress.


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