Speaker Leonard Spanked by Gov for Slapdash Tax Plan

The foolishness of the Michigan House Republicans’ income tax repeal plan earned the ire of Gov. Rick Snyder, who said this week he was disappointed in Republicans for rushing it out of the House Tax Policy Committee.

Snyder, who has “serious concerns” about the tax reduction’s budget implications, said he was disappointed because each representative needs time to receive feedback from residents before “making a decision on a bill that will have statewide impacts for the next 40 years.”

Speaker Tom Leonard (R-DeWitt) wasn’t about to take that criticism without firing back.

“We have been very clear that it’s one of our top issues on our agenda. It’s not a difficult bill to understand,” Leonard told reporters after helping to unveil the House GOP’s agenda for the two-year term. He said he is “very proud” of House Tax Policy Committee Chairman Jim Tedder, whose panel advanced the tax cut proposal to the House floor on Wednesday at the conclusion of one 90-minute hearing.

“The governor knows that I’m going to continue to push and fight for tax relief for the hard-working taxpayers of this state,” said Leonard, who did not indicate when the full House may vote but said the committee was deliberative and allowed supporters and opponents to weigh in.

The House could take up the tax plan for a vote as early as Tuesday.

To learn more about why this tax plan would be a disaster for Michigan, look here.


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