Jack Lessenberry: Don’t Count Stabenow Out

A lot of the Michigan campaign buzz lately has centered around the possibilities of oddballs like Kid Rock or Ted Nugent running for the U.S. Senate, which I’ve said before is a pile of nonsense.

What hasn’t been heard yet, however, is a discussion about incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow and her chances in 2018. Until now.

In an editorial, Michigan Public Radio’s Jack Lessenberry says Republicans have counted Stabenow out several times before, and they’ve been embarrassed for that mistake time after time.

And every five years or so, Republicans talk about beating Stabenow.

What’s most remarkable is that this has gone on for more than forty years, since she first ran for a seat on the Ingham County Commission. She was sneered at, in often clearly sexist terms, when she ran for the state house and the state senate, and then for Congress and the U.S. Senate, both times against incumbent Republicans. And then she won, every time.

Read the whole editorial here.

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