Michigan GOP Lawmakers Want to Kill Common Core; Rep. Schor Says No

One of the more puzzling manias of the right over the past few years has been their absolute fear-mongering over the Common Core State Standards. Common Core simply sets out a set of academic standards that students at each grade level are expected to meet. That’s it. It doesn’t say what a school’s curriculum must be, or what texts, for example, kids need to use to learn those skills. But for some reason, that’s the equivalent to tyranny to the Breitbart set.

The best guess I can make is that Republicans hate Common Core because it dares to place expectations and standards on for-profit charter schools, thereby cutting into the earnings these outfits can make off of our kids, and laying out minimum achievement standards they would be expected to meet.

So it’s not surprising that one of the more regressive members of the state legislature,  Gary Glenn (R-Midland), has introduced a bill to repeal it.

“The biggest complaints you hear most often about Common Core is that a student will come home with math homework and the parent has no clue about how to help them,” said Rep. Glenn.

Personally, that sounds like more of an indictment on the parent than on Common Core.

At any rate, state Rep. Andy Schor (D-Lansing) says he’s not on board with ditching Common Core.

“The one thing you will hear is if you go into any school is to stop changing the standards,” said Rep. Schor. “Stop changing and let me teach.”

And that makes sense to me.


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