Rally in Lansing Tomorrow to Save the Affordable Care Act!

Looking for something to do Saturday? Head on down to the Romney building (which houses the governor’s office) and take part in a rally to support the Affordable Care Act. It’s billed as the Health Professionals Protest, but I bet they won’t mind if a few patients show up, too.

From their Facebook event page:

Health professionals nationwide are protesting millions of Americans potentially losing health coverage (from ACA repeal, Planned Parenthood/Medicaid defunding) at their local representatives offices on 2/25.

862,000 in Michican stand to lose their healthcare so we’re protesting at Governor Snyder’s office. We’ll deliver a letter from health professionals in the area, photograph with signs, and distribute via local and social media to pressure him to protect our patients.

Sign our letter of support if you cannot attend!

***The protest sign up and letter of support are here***


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