Rep. Amash Faces Voters in Battle Creek

The headline might have said the crowd was tamer, but I suppose that’s relative. A livestream of U.S. Rep. Justin Amash’s (R-MI3) town hall in Battle Creek showed an audience that wasn’t holding back in letting Amash know what they thought of his support for killing off the Affordable Care Act, among other things. True, though, it may have not been as raucous as recent town halls that have made headlines around the country.

So, if there’s a lesson here, maybe it’s this: Republican lawmakers, your progressive constituents will still disagree with you strongly and loudly on your policies, but they may actually be “tamer” if you have the courage to face them, rather than running and hiding like a damned coward.

Are you listening, Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI8)?

In fact, Amash had some pretty damn good things to say about how democracy is supposed to work.

“I will stand up for you and will learn from you; I’m sure you will find at many points during this town hall that we will not always agree,” he said. “We’re supposed to hear everyone out, and then I will use my judgment to do what is in the best interest of our district and our country.”

That kind of sentiment seems foreign to “leaders” like Bishop.

And foreign to people like this guy, who was also in attendance.

Throughout the discussion, W. Lindsay Wheeler was one of the loudest voices in the room. The self-described Roman Catholic pro-Trump philosopher and carpenter said he believes attempts to accept foreign refugees and immigrants amount to “white genocide.”

“Diversity is white genocide,” Wheeler said. “Because I want to preserve my nation, it doesn’t make me evil. Things congregate by kind, I want other races to preserve their own culture.”

Wheeler was passing out flyers with links to articles on the “Jewish involvement in shaping American immigration policy,” and “ethnic dilution.” He said Amash is a “weenie” because he won’t deport undocumented immigrants, and frequently yelled “deport them all.”

That’s what we’re up against, folks. Don’t stop fighting now.

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