Dueling Protests in Lansing Satuday

Supporters of Trump will be holding a rally in Lansing on Saturday. So will his opponents.

The pro-Trump rally is part of the national March for Trump, taking place in several cities across the country. The rally in Lansing is scheduled for noon at the state capitol. The rally is promoted under two Facebook event pages, Spirit of America March 4 Rally at the Capitol /Lansing Michigan and the March 4 Trump Rally – Michigan. Between them, 176 people have said they will attend.

Starting an hour earlier and two blocks away will be the March 4 Human Rights, which has 140 people interested in attending. They will gather at the park across Grand Avenue from the Radisson Hotel and then march to the capitol, where they will counter protest the Trumpsters.

If you choose to go, be sensible. Right-wing protests at the capitol typically involve a veritable armory of weapons toted by people who, obviously, don’t always exercise the best judgment. And then there are the links between the Trump movement and honest-to-gosh fascists. 17021911_1440916722608774_8600461242665964097_nExercise your First Amendment rights by all means, but be safe!

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