Bishop: People Need to Stop Being Emotional About Losing Health Care

Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8), who has made gutting the Affordable Care Act a priority despite the pleas of thousand of his constituents to save it, likes the shabby ACA replacement released earlier this week. That makes him a bit unusual, as the plan has been bashed on both from both the right and the left.

Undaunted, Bishop is peddling the plan that will raise costs for seniors, punish anyone who can’t afford to continue coverage during a job loss and make being a woman a pre-existing condition once again.

Bishop thinks the real problem is people getting emotional about losing their life-saving health care.

Bishop also called on opponents to “stop stirring the pot of human emotion” saying that the “fear of losing health care is something we should not threaten people with.” Bishop further added the assurance that the Obamacare replacement would not “be pulling out the rug from under people” and that the “plan is to ensure that those that have a healthcare plan will still continue to have one moving forward.”

Lies upon lies.

Trumpcare would rob millions of people of the health care many of them were only recently able to afford. If people are emotional about it, it’s because they know that out-of-touch politicians like Bishop, who enjoy their own platinum health care plans thanks to our own tax dollars, won’t be affected by this disaster of a plan.


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