Moolenaar to Hold Listening Session in April

Congressman John Moolenaar (R-MI4) has announced that he will hold a listening session in April at a date and place to be announced. Moolenaar said he is working to secure a location large enough to accommodate all who wish to attend, and that he has extended an invitation to the nonpartisan League of Women Voters to help facilitate the event.

While I have been available to meet with and listen to my constituents at events in all 15 counties, many have requested a large district-wide listening session. That is why in April, I am scheduling a district-wide listening session at a centralized location in the Fourth District. Listening sessions are town hall-style opportunities for constituents to meet with me and discuss issues.

I am working to secure a venue large enough to accommodate all those who wish to attend. In addition, I have offered to have a local League of Women Voters organization, a non-partisan group familiar with voter information efforts, assist in ensuring the meeting is transparent so a civil discussion is able to take place.

No one wants the listening session to become a shouting match where a few loud people try to scare other members of our community and intimidate them from asking questions in front of a large group.

Read his whole announcement here.

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