Rep. Bishop Loves Trumpcare, Even if You Lose Coverage

It’s hard to find anyone who has something good to say about the disastrous Trumpcare plan, but Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) is proving to be ride-or-die for Trump.

In a statement, Bishop delusionally states that Trumpcare will help, not hurt, people, and glosses over the fact that 24 million of us will lose coverage under the plan.

“The CBO report serves as another reminder that Republicans are following through on the promise to lower premiums, provide major tax relief and reduce the deficit with the American Health Care Act. Our plan focuses on providing individuals and families with access to choices, rather than forcing people to buy coverage that doesn’t always work for them.

“The bigger picture of health care reform goes beyond this single bill – including additional legislation and administrative actions that will invigorate the market and improve access to quality coverage. I am confident that Congress will build on the progress outlined in this report to make health care work for everyone. Anything less is unacceptable.”

The CBO confirms the American Health Care Act will:

  • Lower premiums by 10 percent.
  • Reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion; this is a fully paid-for path forward.
  • Make the first Medicaid entitlement reforms in the program’s 52-year history, saving taxpayers $880 billion.
  • Lower taxes by $883 billion, providing massive relief for middle-income Americans and small business owners.
  • Increase choices for consumers, creating a vibrant market where people will have more freedom and flexibility to get the plan they want.

On Sunday, Speaker Paul Ryan appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to talk about health care reform and what’s ahead. Additional information can be found on his website.

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