Plan to Combat ‘Food Desert’ in Lansing, Other Cities, Gets a Hearing

Last month, state Rep. Andy Schor (D-Lansing) introduced  plan to encourage grocers locate stores in urban areas that are currently underserved by grocers. This would make downtown areas more livable and encourage more people to live in urban areas while also providing healthy choices for people in cities.

That plan recently had a hearing before a House Committee, where it got mixed reviews.

Some existing grocers — who would see new competition if the bill becomes law — argued that urban areas are already well-served. Others expressed concern that the proposal woul add to gentrification.

Those supporting the plan, however, point out that a lack of transportation makes it difficult for many families to get to full-service grocers, and said that the plan could be used to support mom-and-pop stores and to supplement local farmers’ markets.

The Lansing State Journal published an extensive story that covered both the pros and cons. 

No vote was taken on Schor’s proposal when it was discussed in committee, though that could come later.


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