Switchblades Would Become Legal Under Sen. Jones Bill

Rather bizarrely, state Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) is making the decriminalization of switchblades a legislative priority.

Sen. Jones said the law prohibiting the ownership of switchblades by anyone other than police officers, military members or people with certain disabilities is outdated.

If the prohibition is repealed, one local weapons dealer expects they will become a popular item.

(The Foxhole PX Store in Lansing sells) military surplus, hunting and camping gear, and have knives in stock. But a sign by the switchblades warns customers not everybody can buy them.

Employee Jerry Stoddard said if they were legal, “I think that a lot of people would buy them.”

He said switchblades were sold in other states and while people might not carry them every day, they would likely be popular among collectors. …

“I’ve heard about this bill going through, doing away with that law. And you know, personally, I hope they do. I see no reason to have a law against something like that. It’s just a knife,” Stoddard said.


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