In Defeat, Mike Bishop Still Refuses to Acknowledge Constituents

The failure of Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) and his cohorts to pass the American Health Care Act on Friday was truly glorious. Bishop has now come out with his statement about the situation, and in it, he manages to not only ignore the thousands upon thousands of calls he’s received from resisters, but to play up a few token comments he’s received in favor of killing the Affordable Care Act.

Here is his statement, also posted on his website:


“In the last few weeks alone, I have heard from thousands of constituents – on both sides of the aisle – acknowledging Obamacare’s growing failures. Obamacare will continue to collapse, and every single member of Congress has an obligation to come to the table and do something about it. I am committed to working with our committee, Speaker Ryan and the President to find a solution that delivers the affordable, quality health care our country is waiting for.”

Too bad you’re not committed to working with your own constituents, Mike.

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