State Rep. Tom Cochran to Hold Town Hall

State Rep. Tom Cochran (D-Mason) announced he will be holding a town hall as part of the Michigan House Democrats’ Listening Tour. The event will have a special emphasis on tax reform proposals.

“Earlier this year, House Republicans failed in their attempt to rewrite the state income tax code in a way that would save working families just a few dollars a month while giving millionaires thousands of dollars in tax breaks — all while siphoning money away from schools, roads, and police and fire protection,” Rep. Cochran said. “Now that their disastrous plan has failed, it’s time to discuss real tax relief for working families. That is why I am supporting a plan that would save families as much as $600 a year while raising additional revenue for essential services, education, and infrastructure.”

The details of the event are:

WHO:  State Representative Tom Cochran (D-Mason) and special guests Special guests will include Michigan League for Public Policy legislative coordinator Rachel Richards and Doug C. Drake, the former director for the Michigan Treasury Department’s Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis

WHERE:  Mason Historical Museum Auditorium
              200 E. Oak St.

 WHEN:  Monday, April 10, at 7 p.m.

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