AWOL Update and a Request for Questions for Bishop’s Town Hall

Sorry, guys. I’ve been coping with a loss and it knocked me back much harder than I expected. Life is short, make sure the ones you love know you love them.

That said, I know there is so much going on at every level. Here in Lansing, the Chamber of Commerce is pressuring the City Council to reconsider the sanctuary city declaration, and that happens Wednesday night. At the state level, Bishop has finally come out of hiding. And Jesus God, what in the world is happening nationally and internationally: another go at destroying health care, dropping bombs in Syria without strategy, and now, saber rattling off the coast of North Korea. All during a week when various corporations and Sean Spicer seem to be having a contest to see who can win the title of worst PR “professional” ever.

No matter how hard personal losses hit, the world won’t stop turning. I get that. But I had to let that world spin a few times without me commenting on it. I hope you understand.

That said, I think I’m ready to get back in the saddle. I was lucky (?) enough to get one of the invites to Bishop’s April 20 town halls, so here’s what I need from you: Questions.

Tell me what you want me to ask Mike Bishop. Send me your questions to or in a reply to this post. I promise I will do my best to ask as many as I can, and to hold his feet to the fire. And make them tough questions. Don’t just ask him “Do you support…” but “HOW will you support.”

And I will promise to start returning to the world.

Thank you for understanding.

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