Flat Mike a Smashing Success

Congressman Mike Bishop (R-MI8) has been trying to limit the number of people at his “town halls” to 20 or 30, but one of his recent town hall events had more people.

A lot more.

Try 500 more.

That’s how many people showed up to the town hall organized by 8th District constituents at the Crystal Gardens Banquet Center in Genoa Township. They invited Bishop to show up, but expecting that he wouldn’t, brought along a life-sized cardboard cutout of the guy just in case.

It might sound funny — and let’s be honest, it’s hilarious — but the intent was dead serious. The people of the 8th District aren’t being heard by Bishop, and they’re fed up. And if Bishop won’t listen, they’ll get louder. So loud, in fact, that this stunt got picked up by USA Today.

It’s the kind of humiliation Bishop could have avoided if he would just be humble enough to shut up and listen. But he won’t. He can’t.

Instead, he’s trying to control the narrative by holding small audience “town halls” and going to select groups in the district. He promotes these small gatherings endlessly on Facebook — recently, he’s met with ConsumersEnergy employees and a few people at the Ingham County Health Department. And that’s more than nothing, I guess, but that’s a far cry from being open to anyone who wants to be heard. And he knows it.

So keep resisting. Keep speaking out. You are being heard, even if he pretends otherwise.

NOTE: I have gained an invite to one of Bishop’s listening sessions, and I want to take your question with me. Please send the question you’d like me to ask Mike Bishop: lansingresist@gmail.com636275905040918745-cutout-breadon

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