The election of Donald Trump shook many of us on the left. The aftermath of the election left us stunned, hurt and worried for the future. Many feared for their safety, among them Muslims, immigrants, people of color, members of the LGBT community and women. In the days and weeks after the election, reports of hate crimes spiked.

The future is uncertain. We face a right-wing takeover of government at the federal level. Here in Michigan, Republicans have a stranglehold on the Legislature and hold the governor’s office. Right-wing politicians, qualified or not, took hold of many local offices.

It’s natural to feel uncertain, and even afraid, at times like these. But fear cannot keep us from action. If we are to wrench our government out of the hands of people who want to roll back the Affordable Care Act, women’s rights, voting rights and other critical legislation, we must organize and take action now. We have to mobilize and get ready for the 2018 and 2020 elections today. We can’t afford to lose.

Some of the information on these pages is intended as a supplement to the IndivisibleGuide.org. In essence, Indivisible is reverse engineering the tea party. While we disagree vehemently with the ideals of the tea party, there’s no denying that their tactics worked. They now run our country. Indivisible urges progressives to contact their elected officials and to hold them accountable. These pages will give you information on who these officials are and how to contact them.

This site will also provide information on emerging topics, such as efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act or to diminish a woman’s right to choose. You will find information about these efforts at the state and federal level, along with Michigan-specific statistics and talking points that you can use when contacting officials.

You will also find opinion, because sometimes, things just have to be said. Opinions will be marked as such, and you are welcome here whether you agree with them or not. Discussion, even vigorous debate, is encouraged here, but it is expected that people will be treated with respect.

While this blog is the heart of this project, you are invited to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Let’s keep the conversations going.